When did Batman stop drinking?

So I was wondering, I see all these references to Batman drinking ginger ale instead of wine, the earliest reference I’ve found was in DKR when Jim Gordon and Bruce are talking. So I was just wondering when the concept for Bruce pretending to drink/abstaining from alcohol was introduced.

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possibly in the 60s TV show. I seem to recall an episode where everyone’s drinking champagne and bruce is drinking milk out of a champagne glass


It’s brought up in a number of places. Tom King referenced it in his Batman run when Bruce, Selina, Clark, and Lois all go to the carnival. It’s also mentioned in Year One, when the Gordons show up at Wayne Manor (Bruce’s supposed hooker friend laments that his “party” consisted of nothing but grape juice and small talk).

I’m not sure where else it’s been referenced, but if anything else comes to mind I’ll mention it.

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I think that was actually in the movie. There’s a scene where Bruce and Kitka (Catwoman’s alias) go on a date and you see her with a typical glass of champagne and instead Bruce has got a wine glass full of milk :joy: :joy:

Not sure though if that was because the studio had a policy where they weren’t allow to show Batman drink alcohol, or if they had an in-canon justification for it.

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That’s it lol. (And it’s a Brandy snifter lol)

At first, I thought it was one of the Wayne Charity functions…
but the scene I was thinking of, was in Batman makes the Scenes (The follow up episode to Fine Finny Fiends (Third Penguin story arc)) Batman and Robin show up instead of Bruce and Dick and they both have glasses of Milk instead of Champagne