What's your fantasy version of the DC universe?

Like what’s your head canon? What mix of different universes and canons do you like to imagine in your head for your favorite characters? I like what they did in the young Justice cartoon, where the golden age and silver age happened but melded into the modern. And Dick Grayson getting with Barbara. Superboy with Miss Martian.


I’ve been tinkering around with my own sort of pet made-up continuity, and the “present-day” status quo draws primarily from roughly how things were set up pre-Infinite Crisis, with several more recent developments, DCAU stuff, and maybe a little of Young Justice added in.

For example, Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes, the Justice League developed into something resembling Justice League Unlimited, and the Secret Society has a different lineup but is pretty heavily inspired by the Light.


Yeah! Like Jaime is my favorite blue beetle!

I always use this one, but I think it’d be cool. Let me preface by saying I know they showed a glimpse in Superman TAS. I think it would be cool to deeply explore the 5th dimension. A comic or animated series where it’s all set in the 5th dimension. Who does Mxy or Bat-Mite call their friends & who are they. What’s the names of the places they visit; cities, restaurants etc. I realize they can conjure up whatever they want, but there’s gotta be cities etc. that were made so perfect the 1st X, that they all hang out there & leave it as is. There’s a million things they could get into. As far as how life operates in that dimension. Little bits of info over the years, but never an entire comic, series etc. dedicated to it.



I didn’t have an answer for this awesome topic @DickGrayson123, but then we were talking comics and came up with something we’d love to see: Deathstroke vs Constantine. Based on our research, a storyline does not currently exist that pits the two against eachother. I’d like to think that Deathstroke would hold his own but John Constantine is an intelligently matched foe.

Dear @DC_Community,

Please make this happen! :pray:

:blue_heart: @KeyFamily

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Wow great concept!

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Now I’m curious as well lol

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Gonna be controversial but I’ve always wondered if Wonder woman and superman had kids how the half kryptonian half amazon blood would effect them.