What's Your DC Comfort Food?

Whether you’re home sick or the day just isn’t going how you’d like, it’s always good to turn to something you love, something you’ve seen time and time again that always manages to bring a smile to your face. From TV to movies to comics, there’s plenty for all of us to turn back to. So when the time comes and you just need a quick pick-me-up, what old staple do you go back to. When I’m home sick, I often find myself watching episodes of Teen Titans, and have done this for years (probably because I was watching it before I was even in school).


I like to read the comics I remember from back in the 80s. Teen Titans and Crisis are good ones for me. I still tear up when I read Crisis 7 and 8.


I always go back to my favorite Batman movie (1989). It just reminds me of childhood … sitting on the living room floor playing with barbies while my parents sat on the couch watching Michael Keaton rock the Batman/Bruce Wayne role.

Years later I showed the same movie to my kiddo, he enjoys it but is partial to Heath Ledgers Joker character. Now we watch Titans and Doom Patrol together for our Mother/Son bonding time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


DCSHG (Original version)
Doesn’t matter if it’s the web cartoons, movies or lego versions. It’s all wholesome good stories.


So I loved the Tim Burton Batman series ( i know im the worst), so sometimes when I feel like binge watching it, i squeeze lime onto a bowl of hot cheetos then dip that in hot nacho dip, watch and of course drool over Cat Woman and Poison Ivy. <3

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