What's the silliest thing you've ever read in a comic???

Comics are known for some wacky stuff, from traps, to superpowers. What are some of your favorite, ridiculous items, powers, or contraptions that you’ve seen/read in the DC multiverse?

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Caca Poo Poo

  • Brian Michael Bendis

Justice League America #37
Where else will you hear “Hey, that’s a cat!” “Oh you noticed that did you?” Or “Shouldn’t we do something?” “Guy is constantly reminding us that he’s America’s GREATEST Super-Hero. I’m sure he can handle something as simple as a cat.” “He doesn’t seem to be handling it very well.” “No. He doesn’t```
does he?” “We can’t just stand here!” “I assure you Fire–If I think that cat is in even the SLIGHTEST danger-- I’ll intervene immediately!”


probably this…



Killing Wally West two years after bringing Wally West back.


Poor Wally

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Batman knocking out guy gardner and everyone in the rooms reaction to it

This isn’t DC, but a DAMN good book is “I Hate Fairyland” by artist Scottie Young.

The silliest super-hero name and power has got to be Matter Eater Lad. And he comes from the planet Bismol (as in Pepto-Bismol). I love the silly silver age stuff.


Batman puking over a toilet cause Bendis thinks he is funny.

Green Arrow’s old Trick Arrows (Boxing Glove anyone?), Red Robin’s New 52 wing/cape, Comet the Super Horse.

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I know this is DCU but the first thing that popped in my head was a page in Spider-Man/Deadpool #20. That series has me actually laughing out loud constantly. But so what happened was Spidey told Deadpool to wait outside to make sure it wasn’t a trap while he went inside to protect the woman. Deadpool says he needs to check inside for the trap while he’s waiting. Then it breaks to Spidey inside for almost a whole page after so you almost forgot Deadpool was about to come in. Then next thing you know he crashes thru the window and said “Look Spidey I’m a baseball!!” I guess it just threw me off but that was so funny to me I had to close the book :joy:

Don’t forget mind reading arrows! Or bat cow/ape/hound/cat/also hound.

This speech bubble, but really just the first sentence by itself is the best sentence ever written.

I can’t believe that society fell apart.


Cat arrow

Non-DCU, but Cerebus the Aardvark was great. “Mind you manners, Son! I’ve got a tall pointy hat! Status, Boy! You can argue with me, but you can’t argue with status!”

I haven’t read it, but I hear there’s a new comic with Batman’s penis. Seriously, how ridiculous can you get?

I didn’t read it myself, but I heard of it and it was bonkers. The story is in Worlds Finest Vol 1 Issue # 128. “The Power that Transformed Batman.” Between Batman becoming elongated, flying, & shooting eye beams that cause concrete to foam. Then becomes some kind of Buzzsaw shape that cuts thru everything he comes in contact with, it’s definitely out there. With Superman & Robin trying to help him & Red Kryptonite being involved, it’s its own unique lol Of course it was 1962 lol

52, all of it.

Any Batman vs a new god story. Just stupid. Batman is and should always be a ground level charecter. Not fighting Darkseid. Stupid.