What's the next big DC video game release?

So we have Lego DC super villains coming out next month.
Sort of like Lego Batman but this time you play as an OC
I heard rumblings there was gonna be another Superman game but that got squashed
I think suicide squad might get a game but no gameplay visuals or teasers for that yet.
It’s funny now with sony’s Spider-Man game DC is looking kinda weak on the gaming side again.

There’s literally been nothing but rumors for any new DC games on consoles, other than the Lego DC Super Villains game. I’m hoping we get some news for one during DC Daily at some point.

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Don’t think they’ve actually announced anything outside of the villains games. But I can talk about what I’d love to see…
I’d love to see a Superman game done right. I know the rumors about that being the next game for Rocksteady was just all rumors and I guess canned as you previously stated. But it would be nice to see it.

Or maybe a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle Game. Give those other superheroes some shine. Hell I’ll take Aquaman. That would be sick too!

What I would give for a God of War style Wonder Woman game…

Oh man I didn’t know the Rocksteady Superman game was just a rumor. That would have been amazing.