What's the best order to watch DC Animated Univ?

So I’ve been wanting to binge the new DC Animated Universe movies and I’m not sure where to begin are what order I should watch them. Does anybody have a good guide or ordered list that I can use?

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r u referring to the new 52 movies? if so start with flashpoint paradox as it resets the timeline then watch Justice League War
after that I think it goes

  • Son of Batman
  • Throne of Atlantis
  • Batman vs Robin
    -Batman Bad Blood
    -JL vs Teen Titans
    -JL Dark (not on service)
    -Teen Titans The Judas Contract (also not here)
    -Death of SM and Reign of the Supermen

Theres also a suicide squad movie called hell to pay but idk if its canon cus certain reasons and also it isn’t on here


JL Dark & Judas Contract are rolled off at the moment. I’m sure they will return. We are getting stuff back on the service September 1 and nothing is going away. At least that is the plan per @AppleJack office hours.

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I just watched them all by release date. Starting with mask of the phantasm. I’ve literally watched every dc animated movie 3 times each lol

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@DeSade-acolyte I am pretty sure Justice League Dark has never been on here. I watched it on Hulu, but given Disney is now 100% owners of Hulu I am guessing once their current deal expires it won’t renew. Hopefully it will be on DCU by then.

I thought Judas Contract had never been on here either, but maybe I am forgetting it because others say is was on here and has been rotated off.

I stand corrected. I thought it was here the month before ST started. I recall watching it, but I also own it, so maybe my brain thought one place, but it was the other.

Thanks for the clarification.