What's New This Week on DC Universe: 1.22.19

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We hope you’ve been as busy reading as we have been putting stories for you to read on the service! We’ve added more Action Comics, Birds of Prey, Injustice: Gods Among Us and much, much more!

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Good selection. The Action Comics are a bit hindering as during the time the 90’s Superman ran they literally jumped from one of the 4 Superman books to another. So it’s going to be hard to follow if not impossible to some. Probably should have added the coinciding issues of the other series, or given us a different Superman run/series.

But the rest I am all for. Always wanted to try Injustice and you can’t go wrong with more Birds of Prey.


Oh man, so much to read! I’ve really wanted to check out the Injustice series, heard a ton of good things about it . Super glad to see Birds of Prey getting more issues. Figures I had just bought the Harley Quinn New 52 graphic novel, at least now I can finish up the run. Batman (N52) run? aw yeah, going to be spending a ton of time with the tablet.


Nice, glad you guys are trying harder with the comics


Great! Can’t wait to check it all out!

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INJUSTICE!!! And Tom Kings Batman! Thank you so much!

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You’re very welcome! Enjoy!

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