What's New on DCUI: November 2021

Is there a way to get this as an email every month? I fell behind on DC a while ago because I moved and took a job where I travel all the time. most of my ‘net access is in airports or via crappy hotel WiFi. I don’t have the luxury of browsing, I need to know what is out (now that we are finally catching up with Infinite Frontier) that I want to read… especially since my favorites list doesn’t seem to automatically notifying, much less download, new releases in things I am following.

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Same, I think it’s cool

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Why does it say Nightwing #80’s coming out when I don’t see #s 78 and 79 on the app?

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YES! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to catch up for Nightwing’s tie-in to Fear State.

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Everything for the 9th loaded correctly, but we still don’t have Suicide Squad #2, even though #3 loaded today.


Got this noted to look into, hopefully we can get that fixed soon. Thanks for the report!

Been enjoying the Wonder Woman (1942) comics that have been loading lately. I can see why they weren’t included before as they are out of continuity, but they are also a lot of fun to read so I am glad they are here now.

Sample of intense fun Wonder Woman action:


Glad to hear it! :0_wonder_woman:


Good morning. We appear to be missing Hardware: Season One #3.

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll get that noted today.

EDIT: @KnightOS Quick update on this, some release dates have been moved. For all those curious:

  • The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut #12 has been moved to 11/22.
  • Hardware: Season One #3 has been moved to 11/30.
  • Suicide Squad (2021 – ) #2 is still being investigated due to loading issues. We’ll reach back out when there’s an update.

So Justice league: The last ride, wat is going on like J’onn died! alfred is still alive! and where did hal get that sick armor, someone help!

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It’s in its own contiunity. For some reason

well, thats confusing

I was reading the views and felt the need to write. On the issue of comics going woke, Jon Kent etc… I like the direction. Especially after seeing Grandpa Clark fighting Mongul on Screenrant I think.

The paper supply/delay tells me (not that I have any actual say at DC) that most titles should be digital with paper being special order. Also, more artists can play a role with the digital side. Secondly with Daz3d & Blender and POV VR tech, there is no reason why DC can’t produce 3D versions. Even the narratives can be poly-lingual with voice actors and music added. To see a cinematic style page frame would do absolute Justice for the company! Even smaller shots would get interesting with the panning of say face, or Batman’s roundhouse, or even the Cold powered Heroes and Villains!

The 1st issue of Wonder Girl is not giving the option of reading it. All the other new issues this week appear to be loading correctly.

The issue is working for me on the website and Android.

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