What's coming to DCU this week!

As always as we near Monday Night, that means new issues are coming!!

The order of info is:

  1. New to DCU

  2. Newly Digitized

  3. The Big Stuff this week

  4. Starting Points

  5. Starting Volumes

  6. Ending Volumes

  7. Announcements

  8. New to DCU

Aquaman #36
Batman #47
Batman Sins of the Father #8
Batwoman #15
Brave & the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #4
Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #3
Damage #5
Future Quest Presents #10
Green Lanterns #47
Harley Loves Joker #2
Injustice 2 #58
Justice League: No Justice #2
New Challengers #1
Superman Special #1
WildStorm #13

  1. Newly Digitized

America vs. The Justice Society #3
Armageddon 2001 #2
DC Comics Presents Green Lantern #1
DC Comics Presents Hawkman #1
DC Comics Presents Justice League of America #1
Deadman #5-6
Detective Comics #368
Doctor Mid-Nite #2
Hourman #4
JLA: Paradise Lost #3
Lois Lane (1986) #2
Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #2
WildC.A.T.S. (1998) Annual #1

  1. The Big Stuff
    This is a fairly quiet week in terms of big stuff.
  • Tomasi’s Run Officially Ends…
    Superman Special #1 will be the final comic written by Tomasi before Bendis takes over and it’s going to be sad. Nothing Gold Can Stay…

  • Another New Age of Heroes Title
    New Challengers #1 hits the stage. After Challengers Mountain appeared in Dark Nights: Metal, 5 strangers seek to climb it. Easy right? Oh wait! The strangers are criminals under the orders of The Professor?

  • Justice League: No Justice #2 continues the big reveals of last weeks issue. How will the Justice League execute Brainiac’s plan? What about the heroes still on earth? The answer and so much comes next!

  1. Starting Points
    I only have two starting points this week.

    • New Challengers #1- The Series is accessible but a little rough. To give you some perspective, it got cancelled after 8 issues.

    • Justice League: No Justice #1-2 - This series is massive in scope, beautiful, and so much more. It also starts a run which is the defining center of 2019’s Year of the Villain. Do yourself a favor and read this incredibly fun story. Even if you don’t know everyone, check it out!

    • Vol 3 of Wildstorm begins! Wildstorm famously takes breaks between volumes. Long breaks… It’s Back!

  2. Starting Volumes

    New Challengers
    New Challengers #1-8

  3. Ending Volumes

    Superman: Bizarroverse
    Superman #42-45
    Superman Special #1

  4. Announcements

    Hey Everyone, as always thanks for reading this!! I’m working on a couple things for DCU’s community because I see so much potential. I’ve got a couple of things that I want you to know about.

    1. Summer of Events Book Club Week 2
      It’s never too late to join. This week, we are reading Justice League: No Justice #2. Fortunately #1 shouldn’t take all that long to read. So join into the discussion here:


   2. Nothing Gold Can Stay
                    I'm slowly working on an article about the end of Tomasi's run. I hope to finish this week.

   3. Ongoing Fan Writing Projects.
                   DCU has 3 ongoing writing projects going on. Jason and the Argonauts, Elseworlds, and my Ying-Yangverse. Below is my guide to those series.


          Also if you are interested in writing a story for the community, join CaptainThunder's Crisis in Infinite Eras Summer Event Comic. He is asking people to join him for fun tie ins! I'm working this summer on an elseworlds type miniseries featuring the beloved Jonathan Kent!

-Have an awesome week! What comics are you excited for?


Thanks for this.

Still getting caught up on Rebirth runs, but I am definitely adding No Justice to my lists.


New Challengers is a six issue mini-series.

Also newly digitized is the Backlash & Taboo’s African Holiday one-shot from Wildstorm.

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@majorZuma Justice League: No Justice has minimal continuity needed. Just know that the source wall is broken and hawkgirl is back. That’s it!

You can start it! (Justice league rebirth has no connections to the start of this run)

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New Challengers I thought want to 8. Must be a different one. It wasn’t intended as a miniseries though. I just became one.

Would love the rest of Mike Grell’s run to be added. It goes up to like issue 24 and then skips all the way to issue 80.

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For Green Arrow

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I noticed they also digitized “Backlash & Taboo’s African Holiday”, I know not all Wildstorn stuff is posted on DCU, but they have had other Backlash comics, so I could see it coming on also. Not a lot of “huge” titles but a decent selection coming tomorrow.

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@danthemanone I mean Justice League: No Justice #2 isn’t small. It’s just the only really big thing.

Kind of hoping they add Killing Joke on here soon

@dglasco Isn’t it against their deal with DC Comics? They aren’t allowed to have anything that was originally released as a graphic novel, right?

@dglasco7 @Awesome_Squid Here’s what is going on.

  1. DCU doesn’t have any titles which DEBUTed as a graphic novel with a couple small exceptions.
  2. Miniseries which are selling very well and are critically acclaimed and work best as a trade (Mister Miracle and Batman: White Knight) are not allowed.
  3. Vertigo, Milestone, Quality Comics, Black Label, and Wonder Comics are currently not allowed on here. (With some small exceptions)

Killing Joke is in Category 1

Didn’t know that was why Mister Miracle and Batman: White Knight were not on here, I figured it was something like that as to why Watchmen wasn’t on here, but didn’t know there was a hard rule about that. Good to know. Surprised The Dark Knight Returns made it on here given that. Maybe sales are not what they used to be.

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That’s the same reason!

It’s confusing. I think Dark Knight is as old as Watchmen but also doesn’t sell as well as Watchmen. However, we have the watchmen motion comic.

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That Watchmen motion comic is pretty amazing.

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It will be interesting to see what Watchmen content will arrive here once the HBO series is on our doorstep.

Its too good of a tie-in opportunity to pass up. Maybe we’ll get Before Watchmen at least?

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Heres hoping for some stuff at least.

The Watchmen show looks great, Im glad their telling an original story. They wont be as tied down.

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We have a lack of knowledge about Warner Bros. Service so I’m hoping there’s some sort of deal or something.

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