Whatever Happened To Brett Wayne?

Anyone know if he’s coming back to Community?


Who knows?

Although DC supplied me with a variation of my real name, I wouldn’t post until I figured out what name to use.

Brett Wayne is almost certainly not his real name. He was a good contributor.

Except for the Moderators here, I doubt anybody else knows other members, except from what they say here, with our fake names.

It is like we all have secret identities.

He may have family or job issues, that prevent him from spending much time here.

He may be reading the forum only or only. Doing ‘likes’

That is what I will be doing soon if I go back to work.

Who is Brett Wayne?

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Brett was pretty active. He was about to start a story over in fanfiction like 2 months ago and then the hurricane hit his area of the Florida Panhandle.

and then it was he was doing a fundraiser people were shipping him Comics to sell fir charity or some such, and I haven’t seen him since.

so God bless just curious where the guy is

@applejack ?

I’ll check in with him :slight_smile:




@applejack Thanks, and let us know if he needs anything please!


We heard back! He sounds like he’s been all right, and said he’d be joining us shortly. I asked him to please check in with Don-El because he’s been worried sick ;p


Hey guys I’m doing well! Sorry I just had a lot going on and I had trouble with making the payment on here. It really means a lot that you guys are checking on me seriously it means the world to me. We are rebuilding and I have some amazing news I’m expecting my first child!!! But thank you guys it really does mean a lot to me and guess what I’ll be back active putting in my two cents here and there!


Welcome back, @BrettWayne!


Congrats on the first child! @Brett Wayne


Thanks guys! I appreciate it!


Congrats! @BrettWayne glad to see you in the forums again :blush:

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Glad you could stop by, @Brettwayne! I’m looking forward to hearing more on how things are going, but also of course those stories my friend ! The stories you were going to be giving us, hope you find time to present those in the near future .

I believe Community is free btw.

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Whoah, congratulations on the kid!

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Congrats and Welcome back!

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Thanks guys I really appreciate it. And @Don-el I am going to start back writing the stories I will put part 2 of the story up tonight and also re put up part 1 so that if anybody missed they can check it out because it’s been awhile. But yes I am going to start writing again. I love telling stories. My dream is one day to become a writer for comics. But thank you so much @Don-el for even taking the time to check out my stories.


welcome back wayne of the brett we all have missed you and congrats on baby wayne