What would you get?

You’ve hit the lottery, an unknown relative passed and left you a fortune, or Jeff Bezos hit you with his car. Either way you have money to burn. What artist are you going to have to create an original piece and what would it be?

Personally it would be a Jim Lee’ Maul.


For the artwork I choose Red Batman Azrael with his foot on a defeated Batman Bruce Wayne. The background will have the illusion of Saint Dumas and Jean-Paul’s Father. I would defiantly have Jim Lee draw this as well. When I read Hush I was blown away by the art.


Ivan Reis. Superman in a flying/hovering pose over Metropolis, S has to be fully visible.

Lee Bermejo. The DC Trinity in his designs.

Jim Lee. Superman doing something badass.

Greg Capullo. The Trinity in Dark Knights Metal armor.

Alex Ross. Group shot of the Justice League with Supes front and center.

Cliff Chiang. Wonder Woman in her New 52 outfit.

Dan Jurgens. Superman kicking the snot out of Doomsday.

I think the lottery money is finished by now.


Stjepan Sejic or Enrico Marini. Hm, not sure exactly what, but something involving the Batfamily, and I’d want it done in watercolor.


I would pay Howard Porter to draw the pages he wasn’t able to finish at the time of JLA 15, so that I could bind together a copy of Rock of Ages that was drawn completely by him.

A Jim Lee Legion of Doom splash page.

I’d have Greg Capullo redraw the entire 4 issues of DC vs Marvel from the 90’s with 2 minor changes (Wonder Woman fighting Phoenix instead of Storm and Lobo hears what will happen to his universe if he loses to Wolverine and intentionally throws the match).

Ethan Van Sciver drawing each and every one of Superman’s rogues gallery.

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