What would you do?

So I was reading year one of the I justice comic and as I was reading I thought, is superman doing whats right or is he crazy.

Which had me thinking

Imagine your superman the joker poisins you, which makes you think that your wife is doomsday. Later you realise that “doomsday” is actually your wife and unborn child.

So…what would you do?

Would you take revenge?
Would you do what superman did in the injustice comic?

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In that particular case I can understand and forgive Superman for his reaction. Being completely honest I would probably do the same thing.

Think of all the heroes whose tragic experiences made them MORE heroic. I would react by dressing up as a bat, or in a very loose spider motif.

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@biff_pow yeah but what Joker did to Superman in IJ was beyond tragic. Most would’ve gone full on darkside and never looked back. Superman just went totalitarian. lol

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If I was Superman in that instance, I’d rip Joker’s heart out, shove it down his throat, then watch as he chokes to death on his own heart. Once he’s dead I’d vaporize his body with my heat vision.

The world would stay as is. I wouldn’t restructure it. To quote Meatloaf: “I won’t do that.”