What Was Your Three Most Shocking Moments in Any Injustice Books for You? [SPOILERS]

1.for me number one its a tie between was this moment and superman killing billy batson.

2.a close second is the unsolved mystery of who freed Victor Zsasz.

  1. wonder woman killing steve Trever during WWII being how she fell long ago.

bonus number 4: batman having a daughter taila did not tell him about.


R.I.P. Superman (6/30/1938-11/14/1992)


Have read 2 yet but from what I read

1.Alfreds Death. I knew he died but how it happened I did. It expect.

2.Trigon v Mixlplyk (spelt wrong) did my see that at all when coming when I went to read injustice.

3.Harley and Shazam disuse it coming. Weird since he a kid but I think they went for the switch places it transform into an adult version. It was kind of a sweet relationship.


Injustice might be my favorite comic book series. I remember the death’s of Alfred, Oliver, and Gordon being well done and a bit of a tear-jerker. The Nightwing Deadman reveal was also pretty awesome.


Hard to say, I loved everything that happened.

  1. Alfred beating the hell out of superman
  2. Greek gods vs justice league
    3.superman killing, just him killing people

I also want to mention Alfred’s death(as yousaid) High father and zeus talking, Aries being Darkseid’s slave, sineatro killing people(I know he has but seeing how he does it, wow) and Harley crushing on Captain Marvel(ewwww)


Yeah, because this takes place outside of the continuity, it was cool to see what they could do with all the characters. Does anyone have a favorite year? I love The Lantern War, (Year 2) and the War of Magic. (Year 3)


Hmmmmm, again it’s hard to say because I loved everything with injustice but I guess it was the Greek gods vs Superheros, don’t remember what year that was.

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Injustice 2 ins my favorite as i like the batcat moments in it and i started shipping Damian/Kara-zorel ( only in the) the injustice.

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i think it was year 4 but am not 100 persent sure.