What Unreal Engine 5 Can Do: A Superman Game

The possibilities for a new Superman game with the power of Unreal Engine 5’s debut!


That’s awesome!

I’ve always said a good Superman game is possible. The flying mechanics for Clark in the Lego Batman games are wonderful, and let’s you use heat vision.

Most of the Arkham mechanics can be used to a Superman game, too: detective mode is basically X-ray vision. Punching through weak walls is just a version of super-strength. Gliding can be modified for flying. And there can even be levels where you’re Clark Kent and have to use stealth and X-ray vision to reach a goal.

The last decent Superman solo game for me was Shadows of Apokolips on the PS2 and that was twenty years ago.

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I always thought a great place to draw inspiration for a Superman game would be the Grant Morrison run on Action Comics during the New 52. There you get a young, brash Superman in the t-shirt and jeans look starting out, trying to do his thing. As the story progresses, you go from corrupt officials to the beginnings of his more earth-based rogues all the way up to Brainiac, and the Superman gets stronger until the end when he has a more classic suit and being able to fly through the open world.

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