What time does DC Daily drop?

I am looking forward to DC Daily. What time can we expect it?

Also, there doesn’t appear to be a “DC Daily” tag, so I tagged this as “DC Comics” and “Daily Planet” (which should really be the name of the show, anyway). :slight_smile:


I really would like to know, too. I enjoyed the first episode and I can’t wait to see today’s.


Is Kevin Smith hosting it every day or is the girl from Dc access hosting the show

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I don’t think Kevin Smith is going to be a regular on the show


Yeah, pretty sure Kevin Smith was a one time thing.

Good question, was wondering the same. It’s almost 17:00 where I’m at an nothing.

I see we have DC Daily today! Ooohhhh yeeeeaaahhhh!

3 eps just dropped I thought we were getting an episode each day

So, if today is any indication, DC Daily drops around 4 PM Pacific time. It’s an afternoon/evening show, not a morning show.

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I like them splitting up the episode into different chunks, but that play together. That worked out nicely.

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