What Songs Do You Feel Fit a Particular DC Character, Couple, or Group

Well here of some of the songs I correlate to some of my favorite dc characters.

Batcat/Batman and Catwoman: Under your scars by Godsmack, Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen (via the Brave and the bold number 197) Hurt by the Nine-inch Nails as covered by Jonny Cash.

Batman: The Vengeful One Disturbed, Land of confusion (Genesis and covered by Disturbed) Monster When my Devil Rises MAN WITH A MISSION (ok it’s about the Japanese superhero Devilman but it fits Batman too) The Touch by Stan bush what you gonna do, Hinder, I Stand Alone Godsmack, Batman Theme songs.

Catwoman, Harley Quin, Poison Ivy: Bad girls world Halstorme, Bat Romans Gotham City Sirens.

superman and Lois lane: Waiting on Superman Daughtry

Superman: superman theme song

Wonder woman: the wonder woman theme song from the 1975 tv show.

The Flash: Flash by Queen(ya its about flash Gordan but it works) The flash theme

Jona Hex Vigilante (justice league cartoon): I Should Have Been a Cowboy Toby Keith


I have no idea why but I can totally see Nightwing jamming to or even having the Charmed theme song as his theme song. It could also work for the Titans.

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I’ve always thought that this song just screams Harley Quinn (it might be because of Injustice: Ground Zero :thinking:)


Totally. I was so happy when they finally used it in the show.

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It’s probably because I did a re-read not too long ago and the story was fresh in my mind, but afew weeks ago I was listening to NIN on my way home and I’d swear that ‘Copy of A’ is about Reign of the Supermen.


Along those same lines- Shinedown- 45 feels like it’s about Batman


As far as Morpehus or Dream goes, there are a whole lot of songs about the Sandman. As to which one best fits the character, well…


Whoa dude, I love how copy and shadow repeat 3 times, like how superrboy is a clone, Cyborg superman, and Shade Superman are technically copies while Steel isn’t a clone nor someone who claims to be superman. Picking pieces, just like Hank Henshaw and The eradacator did(Henshaw making his body similar to superman and Eradactor trying to take over Supermans body but ended up becoming him).


Stargirl-The Star Spangled Banner.

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ya that’s reign of the superman.

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Oh ya that does remind me of Batman especially rebirth version if you know a bit about the song

did not even think to post some links so i will do that now
(Batcat)Batman and Catwoman :

batman vol 3 number 50:

Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Music Video) - YouTube

batman(bruce wayne):

Dark knight returned:

Catwoman, Harley Quin, Poison Ivy:

Superman and Lois lane: