what shows are going to be next on the DC Universe? praying for Titans season 3!

What are the next tv series going to be after star girl and Doom patrol season 2?

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The Harley Quinn animated series, Young Justice season 4, hopefully more to be announced soon.

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We presumably will get announcements for new shows some time in the future. I am holding out hope for an announcement of at least 1 new show to air after Doom Patrol Season 2 at New York Comic Con. Although between Titans Season 2, Doom Patrol season 2 and Stargirl… if the latter 2 are also 13 episodes or so. That pretty much vovers the next 9 months or so. So anything else could be a way off. I remember hearing rumors that in 2020 DCU was planning to have two shows running concurently at a time, so we got 2 new episodes of shows a week instead of 1. But that was just a rumor as far as I know, and at least the beginning of 2020 assuming we would hear somehting by now if that was the plan.

Incidentally shows that were rumors in the early days of DCU (and I hasten to add just rumors who knows how far these have gotten if they ever were true). Were of a Metropolis series looking at Lex Luthor and Lois Lane’s life before Superman came into it. Reportedly that has been stuck in development hell and although early DCU unofficial announcements before it launched mentioned it, nothing has been heard sense.

There were also rumors a Batgirl series was in talks, but got put on hiatus to make room for Doom Patrol season 2. Don’t know if that was ever true, but I would think if it ever was, Warner and DC would not want to launch a Batgirl series now regardless, as it could easily be confused with Batwoman.