what should I read next?

Hey guys I recently finished Batman Eternal. I personally enjoyed it. I was able to read it from start to finish. Is there any other ones that are complete? Specifically Superman related?

I find no joy in reading 1 issue or 3.

Is this the wrong service for me?


Awesome I think I’m starting that next. I really enjoyed the Geoff John’s brainiac run they have under the action comics. I love me some Brainac. It’s a little bit of a pain but if you search the browse all area you can see how many books they have in a series. I tried just searching Superman ( or whatever) and it’s a bit limited on what comes up but I found with a bit of double checking I can find entire story runs. I think as time goes on they’ll be adding more and more stuff. I look at it this way I’ve read about a hundred bucks worth of comics and it’s only cost me 8 bucks so far. Anyway hope you stay on. Happy hunting.


For the Man Who Has Everything is a great one shot annual by the creators of Watchmen: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S. by Geoff Johns is pretty good.

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S&S is an awesome suggestion, especially with the TV series premier coming in 2019! I’m on issue #5 right now, and I love it.
Also @JLWWSM has a thread created to discuss them as we read!

Eternal was great. For a weekly, they did a great job. Those collections are thick! If you dont want to read an issue at a time, local libraries only have full collection graphic novels.


Thank you for the suggestion I will take a look

Batman legends of the dark knight is incredible, Starman, Aquaman ‘94, New Gods ‘71, Huntress year one, Batgirl year one, All the Catwomans on here, Green Lantern I think it’s ‘61-‘62 around there I’m working my way thru that one read all the rest except Starman which I started yesterday & it’s unreal. Plenty more I’ll check back if you need more. Superboy & the legion of Superheroes was amazing also Superman wise.

TNTT entire run is magnetizing.

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They have added a ton of Superman comics. I believe there are 90 issues of action comics so I would check there

Yes @ Redhood is right. When I originally answered this post it predated the major additions that are on here now. So many new great choices. I’d say you’d be safe if u just chose a character u like or wanna know more about & search by name in the upper right hand corner.

Jump on Manhunter and Red Robin before they’re gone at the end of February both worth it