What’s your favourite Superman story and why

My favourite Superman story is American Alien. I think it does such a good job of showing Clark growing up and becoming Superman and making him more sympathetic, as opposed to making him seem OP and “god-like”


AngleofMusicOG. I really dug American Alien. That mini-series really hammers home the stranger in a strange land aspect to Superman. Kryptonians look human, so it’s easy to forget about the alien nature. My absolute favorite Supes comic arc is The Death of Superman because it was my gateway drug into comics. Those first panels of Doomsday punching the metal wall are epic.

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If I had to pick a face Superman story. I’m going to say All-Star Superman is my favorite storyline, followed by American Alien.

Superman Rebirth, by Tomasi. He made Superman whole again.

I have 3 Superman up up and away,Superman secret origin,and Superman brainiac all 3 are written by Geoff Johns

I’m guessing my pick isn’t going to make anyone else’s list but I really enjoyed the Trail of Superman in the main titles in the Mid 90’s. It was a year or two after The Death of Superman and was a great space epic. It also used the 90’s “super family” well as they tried to rescue Superman.

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Mine has already been said but I will say it again American Alien it one of the best books I have ever read.

For the man who has everything an whatever happened to the man of tomorrow.

For All Seasons by Loeb and Sale. Best and most humble Superman coming of age story in my humble opinion. All Star Superman is a close second.

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Definitely “Speeding Bullets”, even in an alternate universe where he becomes Batman it still touches on the fundamental reasons we need Superman to exist.

All Star Superman. Just a great story.


What’s my favorite Superman story? It’s a lots of them. Because I just don’t read Modern Age.

Death of Superman. As a kid I had watched the movies and the ruby spears cartoon, but the death was the first time I actually picked up a comic.

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Werd, chrissudac. The Death of Superman really caught my attention when I was just 12 years old; I’m pretty sure it’s the first complete comic book story I ever read. I highly recommend the new animated retelling of The Death of Superman. DC Animation has come a long, long way.

I’ve been reading action since the 80s, and I’ve read many of his golden age and silver age stories, and none of crystalized the greatness that is Superman, the way All Star Superman did. That is my favorite Superman and one of my favorite superhero stories of all time.

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For me it changes based on what I have read most recently. For know I am choosing Exile from the last 80’s.

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Superman birthright has been and will always be my quintessential Superman story. It is one of the best retelling of Superman origins I’ve ever read and one of the few comics that made me tear up at the end.

Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Has Everything” completely blew me away when it first came out. So did the Earth-2 Superman’s marriage story (1978).

All Star, For the Man Who Has Everything, For Tomorrow, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? and Birthright. To me these stories really capture and embody all the different facets of Kal’s personalities and even though he’s a super powered alien/god, the struggles he goes thru.

My favorite Superman story is actually in a Batman book (23?) It’s when Bruce and Selina are double dating with Clark and Lois at a superhero themed fair. Great story and interesting take on the “heroes”. I’ve been a Superman reader since I was a kid (old now), and the this recent story was a great look at their relationship…

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