What’s your favorite ArrowvVerse show


That’s a hard one. One season it might be flash another legends. I think flash might come out on top as there isn’t anyone on the cast I dislike. What about you?


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My Favorite show is the flash


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Nice who was your favorite villain? I really liked all of them but savitar was the one that kept me most on edge. Season 3 of legends tho is probably my favorite arrowverse season lol

Reverseflash and zoom

all of them really

but if something happened and I was exposed to red kryptonite, I’d probably say Supergirl

at least until Grodd messes with my mind and I’d be like, the Flash is my favorite

right before Deathstroke threatens my family and I would go, Arrow is definitely the best

thank god White Canary just threw down Slade and a gorilla because Legends is number one

I think that would be a tie between Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. I can’t wait to see how Batwoman is!!

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Flash overall is my favorite. Legends of Tomorrow has been constantly getting better so one day it might eclipse Flash.


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I love the crossover shows and watching their personalities interact (or clash) with each other. Esp Arrow/Flash.

Arrow. Ollie is now one of the greatest badasses in TV history. Somewhat off-topic: Ollie vs. Mr. Worf?

The Flash followed closely by Legends.

The Flash and Legends

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Legends!!! With Flash nipping at their heals



Imagine liking Supergirl

Legends of Tomorrow

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