what’s your dream crossover?

we have seen things like Batman and the TMNT, The justice league and Power Rangers, and Batman V Predator just to name a few.

What would be your dream crossover?


Two characters I’d like to see in a comic together not versus each other Batman and Daredevil

Justice League vs Jurassic World: Undead (Zombie Dinos FTW!)

Sonic The Hedgehog X Ch’p

Bayonetta vs Teen Titans

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Green Lanterns vs Aliens


None in all honesty, but I’ll be a good sport and play: Lobo and Scooby Doo. That’ll work.


@Vroom You did that, already…

John Constantine and all of his clones teaming up to take on some world-ending threat. Doom Patrol’s Kip recently opened me up to a whole bunch of knock off Johns in DC’s own continuity, which I just find hilarious. It’s like if a writer asked to use Batman but were rejected, so they decided to make an in-universe pre-established character with the EXACT same M.O., just in a different city and with certain aspects of Batman’s personality exaggerated.

@AnimalPerson i dont know why they haven’t done this? That seems like a pretty cool crossover if done right.

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@Misfit Hence why I know it’ll work. Plus it keeps things in the WarnerMedia family.

goes to see what’s on TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and HBO


It’ll never happen but for a variety of reasons I’d like to see Superman/Batman & Midnighter/Apollo

John Constantine and Dr. Strange. Conflicting personalities being the most obvious reason.

Zatanna crossing over into my life so we can play with magic and just kick it. :smile:

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Easy. Batman and sherlock Holmes

Thor and shazam would be sick

I think Sherlock and The Bat has happened somewhere along the line!
Though a super sleek, modern version - ideally a feature film - would be pretty awesome!


Archie Universe (Riverdale) and DCU… They have comic books, but I’d be cool to see in live action

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batman and irorn man

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@Kitty Batman and Sherlock Holmes were seen on the cover and interiors of Detective Comics #572, the 50th anniversary issue of the series.

Slam Bradley and Elongated Man were in that issue too.

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Dream crossover? That’s a tough one. I honestly would like to see another Marvel vs. DC plus a new Amalgam.

Geoff Johns Teen Titans vs Champions?

Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner & Kyle Rayner vs. Guardians of the Galaxy?

Steel vs. Black Panther?

There’s so much we haven’t seen, especially with newer characters.