What’s your dream best friend fight between superheroes?

What’s the fight between best friends in DC universe that you wish to see! The battle that could break the friendship or be first team up that puts that fire in to becoming best friends! Nothing is off limits; Let’s see the battle begin.

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Not really the biggest fan of the friends/heroes fighting thing. Plenty of baddies out there.

Having said that…

I’d like to see 2 members of the Quintessence lose their ■■■■ and whale on each other. Should be pretty epic :joy:.


I would really like to see two bad guys at it BUT if it has to be hero on hero battle I’m picking Jason Todd vs green lantern John Stewart and Jason leaves that Marine laying in a green gomer pile behind the barracks


Hmmm, interesting question, hard to think of one, but off the top of my head, I’ll say cyborg and beast boy I suppose.

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I’d choose the two more ruthless Bat Family members.

Jason Todd vs. Jean-Paul Valley.

Rules: No Guns!

Are they friends? I don’t guess so. They’re sorta on the same team.

Straight up buddies? Ted Kord and Michael Jon Carter.

Rules: Fists Only!


I wish we could support each other in other avenues like say if someone made you tube videos for example J_Sigmund we could all get to know one another better.

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