What red hood comics would you recommend

Currently I have read the under the red hood comics and movie along with red hood and the outlaws

Red hood lost days


Also, the current red hood and the outlaws since rebirth started, has really surprised me and been great!


Lost days, new 52 and rebirth, under the red hoood

You have to read Lost Days i would recommend to read death in the family then go straight to lost days followed by The either HUSH arc or the one that Jason reappears.under the hood. The outsiders series had some good and bad it was more about the relationship of Kori And Roy Harperhe will be in titans this season cant say how long I don’t want to spoil it. In Night wing comics he returned as nightwing corrupting Grayson. What i have read so far of redhood amd the outlaws has been a great series but from my understanding there is a lot of shuffling of characters right now. Personally when robin Damian goes after red hood as he is out to defeat all the former robins to prove he is the heir apparent. Don’t recall but their was a brief time Jason and Barbara (Red Hood & Batgirl) are dating and in love. Hope that draws some interest. PERSONALLY I’d love to see RED HOOD and Harley Quin as a team and in a relationship. Maybe at one point they go after joker now he was freed in Metal.

Huge red Hood fan so if i can help please let me know i have his Leather coat and vest white black and red with the red hood. I also always have my gun on me so its fitting just trying to save up and convince myself to buy the helmet if i can defend buying the helmet at these price. I want a good looking one already to go and wear 1 day a year.

Thanks guys