What other DCU Characters should get their own show on the streaming service?

I am really happy that characters like Swamp Thing and Stargirl and are finally getting their due on this streaming service. The DCU is so wide there’s so many characters have so much potential with their own TV series. These could be live action series or animated that would go on the service. New series or series that should be revived. There’s so much I would list but I would love a BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES fifth season that takes place between New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond. In terms of original content I’d love a live action Animal Man show.

Deathstroke. I think that a Quentin Terintino style western esque deathstroke show would be fantastic. Like marvel’s Logan.


Hawk And Dove, using the same actors from Titans

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A better version of Adam Strange, obvi.

…but also Legion Supergirl spin-off.

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I second Deathstroke. That one wouldn’t require a huge effects budget and should be pretty economical.

I would especially love to see more original animation. Harley Quinn’s a step in the right direction, just hope it’s the first of many animated DCU shows.

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