What Legion of Superheroes series is best for new readers

I have always loved the idea of the Legion ever since I grew up watching the animated series as a kid. Lightning Lad was awesome, and I think it was my first ever exposure to the idea of Superboy. I loved seeing their brief appearances in the DCAU Justice League cartoon, but I’ve never read the comics.

I’ve always wanted to, but I was hesitant since it seems to be a random Legion reboot every few years, plus, I want a good story that allows me to enjoy the team in comics and get a feeling for this team and their world.

Also, I can handle weird and strange concepts. I’ve been reading comics since I was ten and have gone back and read Grant Morrison’s Batman, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and Multiversity.

The series that got me into the Legion is the 1994 “Reboot” series, although the numbering of the series - and the fact that the stories are spread across two different titles - Legion of Superheroes and Legionnaires - might be a little confusing.

I’d still recommend it, though.

You may want to join us tomorrow for what we’re reading for the good basic foundation of the myth