what issue is raven white cloak first appearance

I’m just curious if anyone knows what issue of the new teen titans was raven first seen wearing her white cloak instead of the blue one thank you?

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Her 1st White Raven appearance was in Nevermore.

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I think it’s Crisis on infinite earths and her cloak wasn’t blue it was black😌

In the comics, in Geoff Johns teen titans, 2003 issue 11, in our library

In cartoon, the last episode of Trigon, as a child first.

My bad, I misread post. In the animated series Ravens 1st appearance is in the Nevermore episode. As @Turok pointed out her 1st comic appearance is the one referenced by @Turok below. Ravens only taken the white Raven form 4X’s & only when facing Trigon, her father.

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