What is your favorite Crisis?

Mine is a tie between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis

slips into Brody from Mallrats Mode Golly, how does one compare? They’re both epic in terms of writers, artists and scale. Hmmm…

I love Infinite Crisis heaps, but I’d probably go with Crisis on Infinite Earths. The ambition and scale of it is staggering in every way. George Perez’s art is fantastic and it literally remade the DC Universe (for the best IMO).

IC is dandy but COIE is my literary candy :slight_smile:


Definitely crisis on infinite earths! Drawn by one of my favs the great George Perez

It’s Infinite Crisis for me.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

It’s still one of the best arcs ever written.

I respect what Crisis on Infinite Earths did for comics, but it is Infinite Crisis for me.

For me, it’s Final Crisis.

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Final crisis took me a few reads but each time I love it more and more, infinite though was my first crisis and probably the one :joy: be read the most

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Ugh I can’t type for crap today. Infinite was my first probably my fav

Definitely Final Crisis. I love how it ties in a true ending to Kirby’s Fourth World with the fate of the multiverse.

I will say Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was the first one! Infinite Crisis is right there behind it though.

As much as I love all the Crisis Arcs, the one that springs to thought first is Identify Crisis. I mean the JL conspiring and brainwashing against Batman?

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