What is your favorite crazy/insane comic?

Mine is when Batman is turned into a mermaid. But my favorite cover has to be rainbow batman.

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I mean, the Silver Age is great and all, but my favorite crazy comic has to be Grant Morrison’s Batman RIP. So, so good.


Does it have to be DC? Because if not…
Ed the Happy Clown
Any of the Frank books by Jim Woodring (like Congress of the Animals)
Otherwise, Flex Mentallo, which is a masterpiece.

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Shade the Changing Man

I’ve tried and failed to explain just a single arc of that comic to people. It’s very hard to make a comic both hallucinogenic and yet somehow coherent enough to be satisfying. Grant Morrison pulls it off with Doom Patrol, but Shade the Changing Man does it even better.

I don’t think it’s on DCU though.



From Image, Robert Kirkman’s Battle Pope was pretty wild and crazy (tips his hat to mssrs Martin and Aykroyd). The book’s tagline of “When he’s not leadin’ mass, he’s out kickin’ ass!” hooked me on the series when it debuted in 2005.

Milk and Cheese is really weird and odd, but in all the right ways.


Moon Knight because some times I feel crazy because I like it

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All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #9. Bruce and Dick lure Hal into an all-yellow room (painted by a frustrated 12-year-old in costume) and then drink lemonade in front of him. The Dark Knight refers to the Justice League as the Joy Luck Club and tries to gaslight Jordan into believing that Robin isn’t the recently-abducted Grayson. The Boy Wonder strikes Green Lantern in the throat, and Batman has to conduct a tracheotomy to save him. The Caped Crusader finally admits to himself that he’s been behaving like a “cackling LUNATIC” for the past 9 issues, and he takes his sidekick to the Grayson tombstone, narrating, “We mourn lives lost. Including our own.” And for just a second, you almost forget that this series is the most bonkers Batman story this side of the Silver Age.

Doom Patrol Silver age.
Single issue worlds finest #186 Burning the Bat-Witch.

1st arc & really all of the Shadowpact vol on this site is my style of crazy

Been loving the Silencer lately. It’s pretty crazy. As others said, Mother Panic definitely qualifies. I came across it reading The Milk Wars & got hooked.

Anything by Grant Morrison, especially Final Crisis.


Prez just started pretty good too.

Crazy? Insane? Morrison’s DOOM PATROL and ANIMAL MAN. MILK AND CHEESE. PREACHER. Alan Moore’s “1963.” Ditko’s DOCTOR STRANGE. Milligan’s SGADE, THE CHANGING MAN.

Lots more. It’s my own taste, weird and strange and crazy.

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