what is your favorite batman comics

Please put your favorite batman comic and why

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I really love Batman: Black and White, a collection of vignettes by a wide variety of writers and artists that explore a whole spectrum of takes on the character.

All star Batman was really good

So many! Really liked new 52 Snider and capullo run.

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Detective Comics #826. I’ve been meaning to read the rest of Dini’s run now that it’s on the app, because that issue was really good (also, I love Dini’s work on Batman: The Animated Series and the first two Arkham games).

For a longer run, I’ve been reading Chuck Dixon’s Detective Comics recently and enjoying that.

For a specific story arc, while Hush is really good, I’m actually partial to the Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend story. Sure, it’s really dumb at a lot of points, and Knightquest has a TON of filler, but the themes and scope of it are great, it introduced Bane (who’s one of my favorite villains) and Azrael (who I think is actually a really underrated character), and it launched both the Robin series (which is genuinely good) and the Azrael series (which is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine).

Batman: Year One

Batman 291-294 “Where were you on the night Batman was killed.”

“Batman of Zur-En-Arrh first appeared in Batman #113 (February 1958), in a story titled “Batman—The Superman of Planet-X!”. It was written by France Herron and drawn by Dick Sprang.” - Wikipedia

It not only is a good read, but returned in Grant Morrison’s run of Batman R.I.P.


Long Halloween. Just an amazing story that features so many of Batmans rogues.

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The New 52 Batman with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The Court of Owls and Death of the Family stories are amazing.

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