What is the name and number of this comic?

Trying to find the first issue of a series.

Idea is what various DC characters are doing on what might be.their final night.

Toward beginning, Diana and maybe Donna are burying things, like the Roman do.

Bruce, Dick and Tim soar through Gotham, on patrol.

Last page, Hal Jordan has big grim on his face, saying how he feels good that they will have a tremendous victory tomorrow,

I’m not sure of the issue but that sounds like the type of story Alan Brennert would have written

Final Night 90’s series?

Yeah, that kind of sounds like Final Night to me too.

If Hal is involved, it sounds like the Final Night: Emerald Twilight one-shot.

I bought most of the crisis books looking for this.

The four issue final night involves Parrallex.

This was the regular Hal, not evil Hal.

I will look at the last book mentioned, but this seemed to be a start of an event.

Check the wikipedia article, it’s very helpful.

Thanks everyone

I thought Final Night was a candidate, that is why I bought the four single issues at Comixology.

I am certain that regular Hal Jordan is on the final page.

That means after Parallex, after him being Spectre.

It felt like a prologue issue.

I don’t know if it was the same series, but I also have a vague recollection of Metropolis being under attack, and a line of defenders that was not the usual A group of super heroes, like Cops, Firemen, Super Villains and C and D type Super Heroes.

Along with that, I see the big guns finally appearing, and Wonder Woman thanking Frankenstein for holding the line. They both might be attacking and using swords.

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Our world at war?..

That “event” was more like Knightfall than the traditional ways

Don’t know event yet but it is

DC Universe, Last Will and Testament by Brad Meltzer, 2008

Thank everybody.

Start with Geo Force and Black Lightning.

The streets are deserted. There is no elecricity.

Then Diana and Donna burying stuff. Donna buries her wedding ring.

Continuing to read.

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Is it an older comic? As others said it sounds like Final Night, potentially one of the tie-in issues. Probably Green Lantern 81


It is a tie in with Final Crisis, though the reviews says it doesn’t fit in with the main story. Got 7.5 to 8.8 rating.

It contains some of the last artwork of Joe Kubert, along with his son Adam.

What do you do on the final night?

Stay with your family?

Visit a priest?

Or kill the man who killed your sister? That is most of the story.

Everyone seems worried, like they are going against overwhelming forces.

Wally tells Hal that Superman thinks all the heroes will die tomorrow.

Hal is confident. There is a feeling he just became Green Lantern again

He says see you tomorrow. It’s like he can’t wait. Life is good and it won’t be taken away from him again.

Just like the test pilot he was.

End of story.

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I bought Last Will and Testament when it came out but don’t remember it tying into anything. I thought it was just a one-shot for the sake of a one-shot.