What is teen titans go! doing to the DCEU and why are fans letting it go on?

So what happened to the teen titans of the 90s early 00s. Why has teen titans go! Taken that spot? With nothing but Jokes and tropes instead of meaningful plot and story. What is the DCEU doing?

It’s really not that bad a show, people give it more hate than it deserves. And the after/mid-credit scene of the theatrical movie points to a chance the previous iteration may be making a return in some fashion.

It’s a children’s show OP. It’s not meant to be serious.

Mumble Rap is the new thing…You didn’t hear? The animation style is now all the rage “Mumble Animation” Even Ninja Turtles is doing it.

Because my six year old loves it and doesn’t know how to rile up fan boys on message boards!! #saddad

I love TTG and the old series, lighten up