What is Injustice about?

Somebody told me it was a must read but I never followed up with him. Does it take place in the main DC universe and should I start from Injustice one first?

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I’ve never read the comic books but the Video games they are based on are great. As to the continuity the story takes place in an alternative reality. The first game explores characters from a the main continuity being trapped in a Dark Mirror universe where there is a civil war like conflict going on between heroes the 2nd game takes place completely in the Dark Mirror universe. It’s a really cool story


Video games are amazing, the comics are just as good. And there is a good bit of them now.


Its an alternate universe and thank god for that. Its darker and more violent then your average DC comic with the characters but its based on a fighting game so whatre you gonna expect.The writers definitely dont hesitate to kill and its pretty crazy how shocking the story can be. Definitely fun and I hope injustice 3 gets announced sometime.


Injustice is a critically acclaimed and massive series that serves as a title in to the video game series of the same name. It takes place in an alternate dimension where a tragedy causes Superman to kill the Joker and decide to use his powers to enforce a state of peace on earth. This creates a divide in the superhero community, with the side opposing Superman being led by Batman.

It sounds like a crappy premise, and the fridging in the beginning might throw you off, but Tom Taylor, the writer, uses it to deliver an amazing story with fantastic character moments. I cannot overstate how great this story is. (Also note: the art starts really bad but eventually gets better)

Start with Year One, then read Year Two, Year Three,Year Four, Year Five, Ground Zero, and Injustice 2. The five Years are all mixed up into one series on this service, which makes it difficult to find the next issue to read, but it’s worth it. It’s just so good (except Year Four).

This series is one of my favorite. So many great character moments and a perfect look at what a Batman and Superman battle should be