what is better CW the flash or DC universe Titans

I like Flash a bit more, but if it is an mst3k situation I’d rather it be Titans because there is so much stupid in the show.

This isn’t a contest The Flash is a million times better than Titans. The characters are actually fun and likeable. Also you know what the Flash doesn’t do? He doesn’t break a car window, drag a guy’s head across the broken glass and then viciously stomp on his head.

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To me Titans is the TV equivalent of BvS. Make of that what you will.


Titans by a million

Th Flash wins this one hands down! The Flash is fun, interesting and exciting, with good characterization, plot, and acting.

Titans is dark, foul, violent, poorly acted, with only a few exceptions, a very weak plot, and really not much fun to watch.

The 1st season of the Flash was too juvenile for me. It took me a while before I liked the characters because they were all so whiney and I was unconcerned with their adolescent troubles. But in season 2, they started to grow on me and by season 3 I loved the show. If Titans follows the same arc (which I doubt because Akiva Goldsman is involved), I will grow to like it too. If you don’t know Akiva Goldsman, look him up on imdb.com to see his poor track record of DC properties, most notably the film Batman & Robin. And why is Geoff Johns so popular in the DC Universe? I’m not a fan of his interpretation of Batman at all.

I love The Flash and hope that Titans will improve as much as I expect it to this season. Right now I have to say Flash, but season 2 could easily change my opinion…