What if Constantine went to HBO Max

What would you want to see in a newConstantine show

I’ll probably believe this may be a possibility if a source other than We Got This Covered reports on it

We Got This Covered is a notorious clickbait site. The only people reporting on this are them and Cosmic Book News, and both are known to make up stories.

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To be fair it has been rumored for a new series for awhile it wouldn’t surprise me if its true

If We Got This Covered and Cosmic Book News has taught us anything it’s that they’ll take rumors and here say and report it as “news” to bump up their clicks.

Like with anything else, until it’s reported or confirmed by credible sites with reputable sources, it’s just a rumor.

That’s not to say another Constantine show wouldn’t be cool, but these two sites lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.

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Lets play the what if game what would you want to see in a new constantine series

There how about this

Interesting question! I’d definitely like to see what they could do with an HBO budget. Something like Lovecraft Country balances supernatural elements with drama and it looks amazing. If they were to do a Constantine series, perhaps something in that vein.

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