What hero or villain would you write about for a comic book

Please say what hero or villain you would want to do a story on and write out the genre and the main idea


If I found myself in thebl DC offices pitching a book, I’d probably choose a character I thought I would get. So I’d pick Resurrection Man, and the series would be very horror based, with little to no superheroics. Whenever ‘cape’ elements pop up, they do so to be subverted by the horror elements. He would fight more monsters, zombies, werewolves & the like. Be very existential about who and what Resurrection Man is. An exploration of the afterlife and the beyond. And frame the fights as ‘it takes a monster to beat a monster’, kind of like Swamp Thing did at times. But then have the pathos of ‘why do I have to be this monster?!’
Anyways, not a concrete plotline, perbaps, but an idea of what I’d do, given the chance.



  1. Marshmallow Pete (my own creation)
  2. Lobo
  3. Superman


  1. Darkseid
  2. Lex Luthor
  3. Conduit (he’s overdue for a new lease on life)

I don’t know if I have the skills, but if I could I would love to tackle Tao. Of course Grifter is on my list, but I would be happy with some of the lesser known heroes like Metal Men or Creeper.

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@Wildstorm-Jeff Would you team up Grifter with the Metal Men or keep the two universes seperate?

'Cuz…I’d read Grifter/Metal Men toot sweet.

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I already posted this in a similar thread, but…

“Shazam vs Riddler:” Shazam does an interview where he describes his career and abilities. Upon mentioning the “Wisdom of Solomon,” a viewing Riddler becomes enraged and decides to “take a vacation.” Riddler goes to Philadelphia and creates an elaborate series of death traps throughout the city, holding various important figures hostage. If Shazam wants to stop him, he can’t just punch his way through (less the civilians die). Can Shazam outthink Riddler’s nefarious puzzlers? Or is it the curtains for the World’s Mightiest Mortal? Tune in tomorrow night, same Shazam-time, same Shazam-channel!

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I liked the story arc where The Riddler was a private investigator, so I would like to see some detective stories where he’s solving cases without assistance from the Bat Family or the Sirens.


Aw, heck, I’d love to say I’d do something other than Batman (for example, I said Captain Atom in the pitch thread because I was approaching it as a what-would-I-actually-pitch, not a wishful thinking), but… I’d love to write Batman or especially Detective Comics. I’d probably go for a kind of cop-thriller-ish concept, like Criminal Minds with spandex, except some of the killers would be metahumans or monsters. Let Bats show off his detective skills, stick to a twisted, Burton-ish style and tone, and still work in some super-fights. Sort of a back-to-basics approach, in the sense that I’d rather focus on a guy in a costume fighting crime than any convoluted conspiracies centered on Bruce himself, but still with room for the Bat-Family or the occasional non-Gotham superhero to show up as relevant.

Creeper all day long

I got a Wildcat story that’s been rattling around in my head for a little bit. You could probably classified as drama but it’s not really that serious just a short 8 pager that can be put in an anthology book.

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An update to Anarky, where he gets to wax poetic about the grey areas between good and evil. Yes it has been done before but oh have the times changed. And mankind has grown no smarter for it. Including all lore except the prelude to the wedding, cuz all those books where bad.

Then i would sit back and watch as the poor thing never sells, because deep dives into politics and the human psyche never sell to good. Especially if they are to wordy in a more visual medium…

I can’t write to save my life. However, if I could I would love to write a Ridder based comic in a murder mystery style. It would feature the Riddler giving the reader clues, in the form of riddles and puzzles, that they would have to solve in order to figure out which villain had committed the crime, with what weapon, what the motive was, etc.

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@Vroom Grifter works best in a team book, but I don’t see him and Mercury getting along to well. Somebody needs to update the Metal Men to something more modern, give them a signature nemesis.

I both want and don’t want to write Superman.

Basically, I’d write a couple pages of the link below, then pick up where Cass (and others like Steph) left off before Flashpoint.


Hawkman and Hawkwoman - each story arc would be the Hawks’ set in past or future lives.

.justice league teams
.young justice(comic versions)
.green lantern

And suicide squad also flash and wonder woman

Guy Gardner. Specifically, Guy during the JLI Era.
I have this idea for a story where Guy is in the JLI common room reading one of his magazines (Sports Illustrated swimsuit or something like that.) J’onn is watching the news and Booster and Beetle are trying to come up with their next big scheme. Guy suddenly pays attention to the news when it reports the body of a young girl was found. The Girl was one of the kids Guy used to teach when he was a special ed teacher way back when. (She was actually the kid who was in trouble when Guy got injured during the Hard traveling Heroes storyline) Guy flies out to start his own investigation. As Guy goes along busting heads and demolishing buildings along the way, The League tries to reign him in.
Guy basically turns around and Blasts them verbally Batman and Martian Manhunter specifically. This is his case! If they want to tag along and keep civilians out of harms way, FINE! But butt out!" Batman an J’onn suddenly realize that the decent man Guy Gardner once was is coming through here so that agree to play backup and not get in Guys way.
Eventually they find a thug who knows something. Guy grabs the thug and holds him up against the wall.
“Alright Loser! Talk Or else!” The thug tries to play on the League’s goodie goodie image (such as it is!)
“or else what Moe!?! you kill me? We both know THEY won’t let that happen!” Guy suddenly grins at the retort
“I don’t have to kill you…But If you don’t answer my questions, you’ll answer HIS! (pointing at Batman)Now I know you’re not scared of me…But bats? well, bats is a whole other story! And when he’s done with you? Well you’ll live but you’ll wish you died!”