what happened to Justice league Doom?

Sooooo what happened to Justice league Doom? I saw it under TV/Movies two days ago, went to watch it today and can’t find it anywhere!



they took that and many other great movies off :sweat::sweat: as if they didnt even problems now they take off the few things that make this service worth it … cheak out the watchtower post for the full list


meant enough problems. … here another problem cant edit posts

@jimmy100899 thanks a lot, I missed the watchtower board so I was genuinely confused…that’s more than a little disappointing, but hey, what’s done is done I suppose.


@corban no problem and yeah it sucks but like you said whats done is done how ever it still makes me question if the service is worth it at least on my end as someone who buys the blu ray i got this service so i don’t have to rush to buy the blu rays but now i feel rushed to watch asap due to them taking stuff off i also feel bad for new subscribers missing out on some great stuff

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What happened was Vandal Savage was found guilty for crimes against humanity. Cyborg joins the JLA. Superman gives Batman a kryptonite bullet.

Hey jimmy, they are rotating product because of licensing. Other networks (HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc) purchased licensing use for certain films and shows. And they get to run them exclusively. Odds are when the license ends, the films will return. WB makes a lot of money off licensing. Money they use to make new product. A lot of these licenses were contracted prior to DCUs existence. Who knows, over time, a lot of the older stuff will be here on a more permanent basis? New films (BvS, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, JL) will probably take a while to make it here.