What Future State Book(s) Are You Most Looking Forward To?

I’m SO incredibly excited for Teen Titans Future State! For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the synopsis:
"When the original New Teen Titans formed a school to mentor

and train young heroes, they wanted to help save the world. Years later, Titans Tower is a monument to a graveyard of pupils lost in a terrible battle. Returning to the site of their greatest failure, Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg join Raven to plot a course to face off against the evil that destroyed their team and school. Loyalties are questioned and motives are suspect as the former teen heroes must turn to the mysterious Red X-a former student-for help. Don’t miss the first comics appearance of this Red X, previously seen only in the hit animated TV series Teen Titans Go!"

The Teen Titans 2003 cartoon was my introduction to DC media and has a massive place in my heart, and Raven is my favorite super hero by far (see my profile pic drawn by my friend!)

I’m also super excited for Swamp Thing, I’m super curious to see what he’ll be doing at the end of time

What are you most excited for?


I’m very excited for the Green Lantern comic. (I’m predictable apparently.) The Batman storyline sounds interesting, so I hope that is good too.


Looking forward to seeing what my girls Cass and Steph are getting up to.


I’m most excited to find out what has happened to the Flash family. The idea of an old man Barry who has been disconnected from the speed force for decades training a new Flash is really cool to me and something we definitely haven’t seen before


Whichever one has Midnighter in it, I miss him :sob: :sob:


@Green.Lantern, I agree with the predictably part, I think my answer is obvious… it’s kind of my thing around here :smile:

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