What do you think of Young Justice?

What does everyone think of young justice now that the first arc has finished?

I thought it was decent. Not sure how I feel about Teen Lantern. Seems like Bendis thinks teens can hack anything. Also not sure how I feel about Bart. He made some strides in John’s Teen Titans. Seems like he’s back to being comic relief.


I like YJ alot. Glad that some questions were answered, and I’m eager to see where the series goes from here.


The continuity is so all over the place that I’m not sure Bendis knows what’s going on with any of these characters. Hopefully though, the next arc or so will make all of this make sense.

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I’ve followed the series since the beginning of the Bendis (Wonder Comics) run. I don’t have very many issues of the original Young Justice runs, so I don’t know the history of the older incarnations of the YJ series.

Saying that, though, I find it a bit hard to follow the plot lines.

The continuity’s all over the place, but I have to ask myself one question:

Is it worth sacrificing the broader continuity for what is essentially, a fun read?

Being as so few comics are really all that fun anymore, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say yes.

Is amethyst staying with the book

It’s the most fun book I’m reading right now.

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I been dying to read it! But I’m broke as joke thanks to my lovely children.

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