What Do You Think Of Artemis And Will’s Relationship in Young Justice?

So what do you guys think about Artemis and Will having romantic interest in each other?

For me I think it’s a little much, I feel it would’ve been better if it was for Roy or Jim and not Will. I get that they’re trying to show that Artemis is having growth and gaining new romantic interest in other people since the loss of Wally, but why her sister’s love interest. Jade and Will have a kid! If Will and Artemis did get together how awkward would that be especially if they had a kid of their own. The kids would be half sibling and cousins.
Then if Jade ever did come back that would be some crazy family reunion. Would Will stay with Artimus or go back to Jade his original love interest which he didn’t want her to go in the first place.

I would like your insight or thoughts on it too.

Feels forced and just wrong. I’d much rather they go with the comics and let Artemis become Cameron Mahkent/Icicle Jr’s partner and perhaps eventual lover. I know the YJ tie-in comics already addressed that they know each other well from when they were kids. Honestly, I feel like they should include Cameron more and showcase what the JSA comics from the early 2000’s did with him and Artemis, just because their fathers were supervillains doesn’t mean they’re beyond redemption. Of course, Tigress isn’t a villain/antihero on YJ so setting it up would be different, but still… They already showed that even seven years later, Conner and Cameron are on good terms despite fighting on opposite sides.

It’s definitely intended to create tension, in my opinion. These are people moving on with their lives, and who will be inevitably brought into conflict when their old lives come back for them. I’m interested to see where it goes.

I agree that it’s going to cause issues, i’m gonna watch it. Lol
I just don’t think that it’s a great idea.
that’s her sister’s significant other and they have a child together.

I suppose we could ask Hunter Biden. ZING!

Alright, I’m back to “no politics…” :blush:

These type of relationships have been a bit typical for Young Justice – especially when it comes to Artemis. She’s had a complicated relationship with her sister – Jade clearly cares for Artemis but seems unwilling to give up a life of crime. Artemis wanted to be a hero even though her father was a villain – and had to convince him she was incognito by playing to her father’s ego.

Now she’s dealing with the loss of Wally West and serving as a mother figure for Liam (hey, that’s her niece, what would you expect?). She observes Will Harper doing his best to be a good father for Liam and admires that.

As Greg Weisman might say, I get that not everyone is going to be a fan of the relationship they’re exploring. However, Artemis’ current journey has yet to be told and it’s not a given where that destination will be. I’m intrigued to see where it eventually goes, but I’ve come to expect the unexpected with Weisman and Brandon Vietti.

SO I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’m waiting for them to “role in the hay” and have the awkwardness after of “that wasn’t a good idea.”

It honestly makes sense with their living arrangements. All that time living together. Raising a child together is bound to be a lot of emotional bonding.

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I’m all for messed up relationships in my super hero media, as long as it’s interesting. Hell, I was hoping Dick would hook up with Artemis since he’s Wally’s best friend so it’d cause complications or feelings of guilt. But Will and Artemis ain’t it. One, you’re Jade’s sister and Lian’s aunt. That’s messed up, but it’s messed up in a boring way. Doesn’t really feel like Will and Artemis have chemistry

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