What Do You Love About Vertigo?

With the world currently in the middle of ending, I have had the time to binge read a lot more comics under the vertigo line and I just want to show it some love since it gets none from DCUniverse.

These comics feel a lot more genuine than a lot of other comics. Whenever you pick up something from a vertigo line you can tell the author wanted to tell a story with those characters. I think this is in large part by the fact these comics have fewer restrictions on them. It’s quite amazing how DC is facing so much controversy for there black label but the Vertigo line never shied away from torture, nudity or some other things I’m scared will instantly get my account band if I mention. I think the difference is these comics new when to do it. A seductress would use her body to seduce men, but batman would probably have a pair of bat undies on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that these comics knew how to tell a compelling story. When the reader finishes a series they can tell each arc was planned out in advance to serve the overall story. There is never any filler, even if it seems like it. Likewise, they would often get dark and uncomfortable, but it always had a purpose beyond “why not?” and isn’t the dark storytelling what we all love about DC?

I think someone at DC really wants these comics to do better. They have been pushing Constantine and Swamp thing like crazy, Neil Gaiman got his own universe, Lucifer made an appearance in Crisis (Btw the Netflix show is nothing like the comics but is still really good), and Netflix has been working on a Sandman adaptation for like 2 years now.

That said I really want to hear what other fans think, so please post your thoughts and show some love. Maybe with enough effort we can get the vertigo line here on DCUnivere (probably not though)

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There were some great titles published by Vertigo during its history, Sandman and Hellblazer among them, however it it’s final years it seemed like a lesser version of Image, in my opinion.

I think the controversy regarding Black Label is more to do with the characters involved. There’s always going to be more eyes on, and different expectations for, a comic involving Batman, for example.


What I love the most about Vertigo is that it’s willing to show off comics as a art form and not just throw away magazines. Stuff like Sandman, Black Orchid, and Swamp Thing show that comics are mature and can showcase some of the best art ever made. I really like them and I intend to read more from them.

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Sandman Mystery Theater!

I love this response because it’s what I meant when I said they feel more genuine so many comics feel Disposable but never vertigo