What do you guys think about if the arrowverse was on dc universe?

so i know that the arrowverse is on the cw app and stuff but can dc get the arrowverse on here it would be cool to see all of this stuff together and with gotham ending maybe they can get that on here to, and smallville would be cool to,

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Maybe when they are over

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yeah that what i think they will do. but also smallville has be off for 7 years now and they don’t have it, maybe there still getting all the rights worked out and stuff witch is fine just like to see them on here someday

I have no problem if Arrowverse shows air on DC UNIVERSE…just DON’T have Titans/Doom Patrol ever take place in the Arrowverse; that will be the JUMP THE SHARK moment for the new Titansverse


yeah i think that would be a bad idea to put them in the same universe

I so want that too


i know right it would be so cool