What Do I Need to Read to Catch Up to Now?

So I was wondering what do I need to read to understand the main events of the dc universe up to death metal, starting from final crisis where I’m currently at?

So I would guess this is what I need to read

Final crisis, + ties ins
Flash rebirth
Batman, return of Bruce Wayne, basically the entire Batman run until new 52.
Blackest night
Brightest day
Flash point+ tie ins
Darkseid war
Forever evil
Justice league no justice
Road to rebirth Lois and Clark
Final days of Superman
Dark knights metal + tie ins
Justice league- rebirth
Doomsday clock (maybe not required?)
Year of the villian
Flash forward

Is there anything I’m missing or is that basically I need to read to catch up and know the basics of what’s going on in the dc universe?

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Looks good to me. I would say Doomsday Clock is a must though, and after DC: Rebirth, squeeze this story in:


That is an enormous amount to read

With each reboot
The old stuff is never referred to

I would say

Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, by Tomasi followed by Super Sons.

DC Universe Rebirth 1

Doomsday Clock

Then Death Metal
Justice League No Justice
Justice League

Most of
Year of the villain is terrible
And not needed

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Also- I didn’t read Flash Forward, so I don’t know how much of a recap it does, but you might need to read Heroes in Crisis to know what’s going on with Wally West (at least the last couple of issues if not the whole series).

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Well I didn’t put that on the list because I counted that as part of doomsday clock.

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I’m on the same boat playing catch up to rebirth