What DCU Original is after Harley Quinn?

Is there going to be a long wait with the next original DCU show?

I’m pretty sure Star girl Is going to be the next original


DCU has been pretty good about having a new original show as soon as the previous one finishes up. I’m thinking Star Girl is next.


A 3rd vote for Stargirl.

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Stargirl is the logical choice.

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DC Universe: All Star Games is next.


I think Star Girl is the next one followed by Green Lantern, Doom Patrol 2, and Titans 3.

I’m confused. I thought Stargirl was coming to DCU and then I heard it was part of the CWverse. Then there’s Star Games? What is happening? Also, I though Green Lantern was HBO.

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Stargirl will be on both DCU and CW. So far, Green Lantern is only on HBO Max.


DC Universe: All Star Games is certainly unexpected. I don’t know what it is though.

What is that?

Stargirl is still slated to be DCU, as well as the awaited Doom Patrol s2, and rumors of Swamp thing movie/s2. Star Games is going to be DCU, but idk what it is. Green Lantern and Watchmen are HBO. Legends, Flash, Arrow/Lantern, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and Supergirl are all CW/Netflix.

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Some new unscripted game show coming this year. I think it’s just filler before Star Girl comes out.

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Sort of, its basically some fan celebrities playing a pen and paper RPG called DC Heroes. It’s similar to shows like Critical Role and Harmonquest.

Is it interesting?

I know D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) but I never got into it. I am a nerd for comics, video games & fantasy stuff but not a full blown nerd.

I’m pretty sure Harley season 2 :joy: they aren’t making us wait long April 3rd!