What DC Universe Means To Me

I’ve had a pretty stable subscription since 2018. As of recent my finances took a hit and I wasn’t able to pay my sub last month.

That month sucked. Aside from financial trouble I was also unable to escape into my world here. I do have some direct subscriptions with DC but those are like 3 a month and I read alot so it was still tough.

Guys, it was hard for me to sleep. Like I have made reading comics in bed before I fall asleep such a habit that once that element was removed I became sleep deprived. Essentially staring into the darkness for hours till I eventually would drift off

The other issue was I missed the characters. They are a part of my life. I was/am reading the Birds of Prey from the 90s and not being able to pick up where I left off last was hard. I literally was missing them as if I knew them.

I really hope this app thrives and continues on because we are all part of this universe whether we like it or not. They aren’t just characters. They are friends.

Thank you for introducing us to these friends DC.


Thank you for sharing @ParallaxCreates. I think a lot of us can relate in many ways to your story (myself included). I am also reading Birds of Prey and have found it to be a wonderful story with amazing art that I enjoy daily. I love seeing posts like this. DCU is an amazing community! :heart: