What DC movie has exceeded your expectations?

What is movie that blew you away and it was so good you told people about it. I have finally watched Joker great movie a little bit of a hard watch though.


Wonder Woman. The tv series for all its ‘70s flaws is iconic, the animated movie movie DC did was really good. She is a complex character and full of contradictory personality elements. She believes and want peace, but she’ll slice your head off if need be, for example.

They did a really good job telling her story in the first movie. I think setting it in WW I rather than WW II helped. Gal hasn’t surpassed the bar that Lynda set, but she’s definitely in the neighborhood.


Shazam. Positive message without being preachy. Story was well done enough to stand alone but had lots of “treasure” for comic fans. Stayed true to the spirit of the comic but was still contemporary. And it was just fun, I may be reading into it some but it seemed as if the actors really enjoyed doing it.

To me this was a guide as to how to do comic movie that is action packed, adult AND family oriented.


The Dark Knight. I’m not particularly fond of Batman Begins, so I was pleased that its sequel turned out as well as it did.


Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. I’m really not a fan of the current DCAMU, so seeing that this was going to be set in that same universe tempered my expectations, and I also thought that Christian Slater’s Deadshot sounded a little too oddly nasal from the trailer. That said, the movie was an absolute blast from start to finish, the voice cast was fantastic, Slater included, it really made good on its R rating and the Reverse Flash twist at the end was completely shocking in the best way possible. It’s the only film in this continuity that I’ve legitimately liked, let alone loved.


Suicide Squad… no not the Animated… I thought it was awesome when it came out… still do…