what CW superhero show do you think they're going to end next

Prediction was superhero show ended next

It’s a three way chance between legends supergirl or black lighting but if I had to pick one it would be black lighting just cuz it’s not connected to the Arrowverse and they trying to keep the Arrowverse going so I could see that getting cancelled and replaced by a show that’s in the Arrowverse

I use to think S.G. was the worst CW show, but Legends has been really bad this season, and that’s a shame because it use to be my favorite show. If another show gets cancelled I’m hoping it’s Supergirl


That’s too bad, @BrightKnight. Legends continues to be my favorite of the CW shows - IMHO, the first eight episodes of this season could be in contention for the best stretch of the entire Arrowverse run. (It helps if you look at the show as an Arrowverse version of Justice League International - but maybe that’s just me.)

As to the OP’s question, it was rumored that Legends of Tomorrow was going away when Arrow did - after the big Crisis crossover this fall - so that would be my guess, though I’d hope it wasn’t true.

I know Legends has been struggling, so while I love the show I never take for granted it will last. If I had to pick one I would say that one. As far as the rumors… might be true but the rumor “this season will be the last one” happens every season so who knows.

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If any must go, I’m fine with Legends being the one. They need to switch up the cast. A certain trio has grown stale. The new characters (Ava, Mona, Gary, Nora) are just not well acted or able to carry a story line. They got praised by fans about the “whacky” nature and they let it get to their heads and forgot that a show needs a good balance of whacky and serious.

Legends and supergirl can go supergirl is annoying and it not malissa benoist. Its whoever’s running the show.

It’s difficult to say, a big question is who’s streaming what? Streaming revenue is accounting for about 1/3rd, I seem to recall.

SG pulled her ratings up and legends did too this season.

Legends just has got to be a very tough show to produce. The most cgi, they shoot quite a bit on location, lots of period costume changes, it all adds up. I think that given what we’ve seen as going forward in season 5 will be less cgi costs than last season or the season before.

I think Flash could be next. They have been moving farther a field from pure Flash storylines. Perhaps with Vibe gone, they will focus a bit more on Barry stories. Although with Crisis looming, and we all know what happened in the original COIE. They already did flashpoint, which was a big bullet in their gun.

Thankfully, the CW uses a cross-section of demographic sources, and not entirely or even primarily the -gag- Nielsen ratings to make these decisions. I would think all are safe for this year-- but if Batwoman and Supergirl team up for better buzz-- Legends may look like the show that only needs one more season after this, and no doubt there are lots of pitches for the next Berlantiverse show on the CW.

It sucks but I agree legends

Even though I like Legends of Tomorrow, I can see the show ending after the Crisis crossover.
With such a large cast and a bunch of special effects, it’s probably an expensive show to produce even with cost saving measures in place like cutting back on the Legends using their powers and costumes. Certain Legends characters might be shuffled to other shows. I can see Sara showing up in a League of Assassins Batwoman episode or Ray helping out at STAR Labs.