What Could A New Justice League Cartoon Look Like?

So if there’s one thing that’s consistent in this world, it’s that Justice League cartoons are pretty awesome (Though JL Action is a whole can of worms).

Now, I’d like you all to expend your imaginations and tell me what could a new JL cartoon series look like?

For me personally, a JLA cartoon should:

Have emotional moments with some good comedy from characters like the Flash, Plastic Man, and Shazam.

Have an uncensored understanding of the characters being used, something Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice got right.

Not block major missuses in the world, something Young Justice also got right.

Not lowering the intensity of characters like Batman or Joker.

What do you all think? What do you all think a new JLA show should be like?

This thread is inspired by:

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Yes!!! I’d also say it should have a WIDE variety and massive roster, which I think JLU did exquisitely!


Depends what you’re looking for:

The latest one was Justice League action. A children cartoon that was more mildly comedic and containing G rated violence. However what must people likely want is another show like Justice League Unlimited. A show featuring a big cast that contains action, comedy and drama that older kids and adults enjoy.

Justice league action was safe while Justice League Unlimited took risks catering both when introducing some adult subject manner. It can make some people too uncomfortable like later seasons of Young Justice did, so if you’re making a Justice League cartoon it’s best to fine that line where everyone of all ages can enjoy.

My controversial thought on a Justice league cartoon would be to make a Justice League international inspired cartoon. A whimsical and comedic take on the Justice League that would explore the day to day of the Justice League. I’m thinking Looney Tunes Show meets Mark Waid’s World’s Finest

It would be adult enough introducing action and comedy that might be inappropriate for younger people, but enjoyable for all people to enjoy something laid-back and fun with superheroes. It would certainly be my dream show for the team.



Ooo, good example: In JLU, instead of beating him up or starting a fight, Flash and Trickster have a nice talk and Trickster agrees to just turn himself in quietly. No other Leaguer would do such a thing, not even the Big Blue Boy-scout.


Yes, a show with no big world ending events just the Justice League having smaller adventures, either helping others in that manner or having some downtime to talk. A show featuring lot of moments like this:


I love that idea, but I do thing world-ending events should be included, but maybe at the beginning or end of a season. For example, the Justice League 2-part season opener with Darkseid was AWESOME, as was the JLU finale with Darkseid.


Based on Gunn’s current directive this probably a terrible time for a new Justice League animated series. It would just be homework for movies


We’re on the same page, cause I was gonna say a JLI animated series, as well. I think it could play to what The Venture Bros did so well in giving us these hilarious stories that take place in between big adventures, but also hitting us with these dramatic and heartfelt turns we didn’t expect.

When people think of the JLI era of the league, they assume it was all jokes all the time, which it wasn’t. There had great moments of characterization and some dramatic beats with serious stakes.

If anything, modern animation has hit the point where you could have a show like Justice League International and it wouldn’t feel out of place.


I understood the first sentence, but that second one was a real curveball.


Pretty much everything you said, but I would also like that the focus would stay on the specific team, no introducing new characters every season, which is something I hated about Young Justice, the main team introduced was ignored in subsequent seasons until the unexpectedly final season.