what comics to read to know what rebirth Superman was up to after he came to the new reality

trying to figure out rebirth Superman and what he was up to during the years that he was in hiding with Lois and Jon. In particular I am looking for the events surrounding them coming over in the first place and how he was secretly helping the world under the radar.

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The prequel to Superman rebirth is Superman Lois and Clark,which has the first appearance of Jon Kent.

Very nice mini series

Should come in with full digital library.

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I’d go with (these are in order of release):

-Convergence: Superman. A two-issue Convergence tie-in that focuses on the Pre-Flashpoint Lois and Clark. Given the deserved hype around the Shazam movie, it also features Captain Thunder, the Flashpoint equivalent of Shazam. Written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Lee Weeks, the same team that would go onto…

-Superman: Lois and Clark. As Turok recommends, this is the series that starts to build towards the wonderful Rebirth era of Superman.

These two titles plus the Rebirth branded issues of Action Comics (written by Dan Jurgens from start to finish) and Superman (written by Peter Tomasi from start to finish) will ensure high quality reading adventures :slight_smile: