what comics should I read?

what comics should I read once I’m done with the death of superman stuff (including funeral for a friend and all that jazz)? there’s a decent amount of comics on here so it’s hard to choose

Depends on what you are looking for.

The first six issues of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (2016, Rebirth) is pretty good. I haven’t read #7 yet, but 1-6 do tell a complete story.
I also liked the Batman: Arkham comics (2011, 2015), which are based off the game.
Catwoman 1-4 of 1993 tells the story of her working for Bane.
The Joker’s Asylum 2008 comics are good.
I flew through the first several issues of The Batman Adventures, with is based off Batman the Animated Series world.
I’m currently reading the first six issues of Nightwing 1996. It’s good too.

Maybe this will give you a few options :slight_smile:

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I think anywhere is a good place to start. What characters do you like? What era of comics?

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@ambushbug . I hope this is how I’m supposed to reply. I’m not sure how this works yet, I’m still used to Twitter. My favorite characters are batman and the flash, and Green lantern.

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@jakemartin24.75156 Well Geoff Johns’ New 52 run of Green Lantern was amazing, brought me to tears. I’ve heard good things about The Flash run with Wally, I forget the year at the moment, I’m thinking 90s tho. And New 52 Batman was great too, Long Halloween, Killing Joke, Hush, all great storylines. :facepunch: