What comic books should I start with?

I am pretty much new to DC comics and everything, but I know a lot, just havent read comics yet. I want to start reading some and didn’t know where I should start because I know Infinite Frontier is coming soon, so should I just wait for those to come out or start reading some old ones now and if so, which ones? Any advice would help. Thanks!!


New comic books
Come here 6 months
After being published

Infinite is a reboot
Where every DC story happened
Maybe in a parallel world

Future State and Infinite are related.

Assuming you want
Some guidance
On what to read first

Here are some links

Secret Origins the Story of DC Comics

In that hour and a half you will get a good overview of most of our comic book library. It was filmed in.2009 so of course can’t talk about newer than that

The DC History Club has this video as the topic for the month of September 2020

This is my complete list for New DC Readers. It is intended to introduce most of the major characters of the universe at a basic level. It is by year.


This is my
Batman for new readers

if you want to learn significant events in super hero genre history. Most significant issues are mentioned here. It is by year

if you want to learn how Superman Batman.and Wonder Woman were created


Look no further than this service, They have a vast collection on here that collects most of what you need to read. If you want to catch up to today, start with New 52/Rebirth titles. However, I will also recommend other books to check out.

Batman Essentials
Batman: Year One
The Long Halloween
Dark Victory
Robin: Year One
Batgirl Year One
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth
Batman: Ego
Second Chances
The Cult
A Death in the Family
A Lonely Place of Dying
Under the Red Hood
The Black Mirror

Runs to check out
Batman New 52 by Scott Snyder
Detective Comics Rebirth by James Tynion IV
Detective Comics by Alan Grant (1938-2011) #583-614

One Shots
Detective Comics #457
Detective Comics #500
Detective Comics #1000
Batman: Red Rain
The Dark Knight Returns
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader

Superman Essentials
All Star Superman
Superman: Secret Origins
Secret Identity
For All Seasons
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Runs to check out
Superman Rebirth by Tomasi and Gleason
Action Comics Rebirth by Dan Jurgens

One Shots
Action Comics 1000
Action Comics #775

Wonder Woman Essentials
Runs to check out
Wonder Woman by George Perez
Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello

Others to Check Out
Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Traveling Heroes (Green Lantern #76-89)
The New Frontier
Mister Miracle
The Question by Dennis O’Neil
Zatanna by Paul Dini
V for Vendetta
Hellblazer (If not so good of a start, skip to #41)
Kingdom Come
Swamp Thing (Original Series)
Saga of the Swamp Thing (Second Series)
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison (Start at #19)
Flex Mentallo
The New Teen Titans
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Green Lantern: Rebirth and Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
DC Elseworlds Label
Aquaman New 52 by Geoff Johns

Not on here, but worth looking up
The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman
The Killing Joke by Alan Moore
Watchmen by Alan Moore
Green Arrow by Mike Grell (Have half of his run on here)
Animal Man by Grant Morrison
Batman: Noel
Batman: Vampire Trilogy


Legends #1-6